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Andreas was born in Oradea, Romania.
He studied psychology at the University "Babes-Bolyai" Cluj and art of photography in Bucharest.
Andreas had several individual and collective exhibitions of photographic art and can be seen in some public and private collections.
In 1988 he moved to Germany and today lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.
He is also staff photographer for Europe of the american "Music Insider Magazine".

His photographic focal point is on music photography, portraits and cityscapes.
The feeling and love for the camera had inherited from his father. Already in his early years, his passion for photography and the stage have joined. Resulting from this marriage are emotionally charged, dynamical and colorful stage photos from bands, singers and instrumental musicians.
He works together with renowned german and international artists.

About his work he writes on the sides of the Music Insider Magazine:
"A live concert is an extremely complex event. The sound penetrates your body, the rhythm of the bass and the drums let your pulse sync with the audio experience. Lights in all colors of the rainbow alternate and pulsate, bringing your senses to boil. As a concert photographer, you see everything through your lens, and the ground shakes under your feet. Up front is the first-class location for adrenalin junkies. Click, click, click...The images that come are a reflection of the music, the light, the whole performance - filtered through the feelings and emotions of the photographer....What remains after a show? Emotionally-charged memories, more or less successful video recordings with smartphones, CDs and mp3s of the band - and concert photos. The best concert images are not only the subjective product of the photographer. They are never repeatable images of the artist or band. They immortalize faces, expressions, gestures and movement. They reproduce the whole atmosphere of the show. Look at the image, and the sound literally comes back to the brain." Music Insider Magazine